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Family Business Retreats

An ideal format for bringing family business principals to evaluate the year's activities and conduct planning is a business retreat. Weekend meetings have been found to be energizing and productive. One favored format is a three-day weekend. Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings are devoted to work sessions while the afternoons are open for family-related activities.

It isn't necessary to schedule a retreat out of town. However, it is important to consider the value of a new or different setting away from the office to allow for relaxation. The purpose here is to eliminate the possibility of interruption via cellular phones or visits from local business managers.

The retreat is structured around the major items of the overall agenda. In order to have everyone participate, ground rules are established which allow for open expression of concerns. In addition, a colleague of Dr. Northington will be present to take notes to record opinions, decisions and work plans. The last session of the retreat will be dedicated to structuring time frames for decisions and ongoing methods of communication.

Dr. Northington will, with a representative of the family, help plan the retreat and ensure that every person be contacted ahead of time before the agenda is drawn up.

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