Dr. Marshall Northington's Managing the Family Business

marriage partners and business partners

Can marriage partners also be business partners? Building a profitable business while maintaining a successful marriage can be precarious at best. There is a danger in husbands and wives working together. All too often, business discussions continue at home and into the evening. Some couples manage their lives with this continuous exposure to business, while others find that it is invasive and intrudes into family matters. Without clear boundaries, separating the business and the marriage, there can be unhealthy consequences to the marriage.

More often than anyone would like to admit, alcohol and other substances are a problem in the workplace. Unfortunately, this creates friction and hard feelings among family business principals. While family members wish to be tolerant of problems with other family members, company employees are quite interested in how the family will approach and resolve their problems. Family Business Management specializes in family business issues. Family Business Management guides clients in all stages of family business operations, from making the decision to start a business to planning for retirement.

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