Sonic Promotions   Gaithersburg, MD
Sonicpromos.com prides itself in delivering the best customer service in the industry. And we've got over 400,000 products to choose from! If you can't find it ... or if the price seems too high ... call us. We guarantee the lowest prices. Sonicpromos.com designs and produces a complete line of customized promotional products including screen-printed or embroidered clothing, promotional items, glassware, and party favors. Our customers include corporations, charities, associations, camps, sports teams, and individuals. Sonicpromos.com can provide virtually any promotional item you desire ... customized with ANY text or graphics ... to help you increase sales and motivate staff! ad specialties

Flatlander Logowear   Bloomington, IL
At Flatlander, we are often asked how we get our customers to be so loyal. The answer is simple... a clear vision that makes the customer's purpose our purpose. The depth of our commitment can be seen in each Corporate Casual garment we sew and heard in every customer conversation. At Flatlander, we understand that your logo is essential to your company image. Your employees will wear your name with pride as they carry that logo out into the community. Whether you're promoting a brand name or encouraging an employee dress code, you know that logowear is now woven into the fabric of American business. Still, our customers often have questions about the best garments for their purpose. That's where our dedicated Customer Service staff comes into play. Flatlander employees are here to help you every step of the way. Our staff will design an Employee Purchase Program to precisely fit your corporate culture. Corporate Casual should never be thought of as dressing down your employees, but rather dressing up your company logo. I'd like to take time to thank our loyal customers all across this great land. From New Jersey to California, your trust has allowed Flatlander to embroider a mark across the hearts of the American people. For that, we remain grateful, humble, and dedicated to providing the Finest Embroidered Clothing for Business. corporate casual logowear

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