Top MBA New York business school in New Jersey. NJIT's top MBA school features accredited degrees in technology management and IT management. Graduate business school offers quick MBA management of technology master degree, EMBA management of technology executive master degree with no GMAT test.
The New Jersey Institute of Technology's AACSB accredited top business school located in Newark, New Jersey, serves Metro New York and the State of New Jersey. The School of Management's focus is on creating business leaders with the confidence and strategic know-how to feel equally comfortable evaluating eprocurement models with their IT staff as explaining financial statements in the boardroom. top MBA school - New York, New Jersey

Volition   Tucson, AZ
In need of a 12-step group for compulsive coupon clippers? Before you go out of denial and into detox, have a last binge at Volition. Give in to your desire to get Free Stuff, which'll lead you to nearly a hundred sites offering free products... this place is trial sample heaven. Free stuff thru e-mail, online forms and 800 numbers. Tired of waiting for Ed McMahon to show up on your doorstep with that 10 million dollar check? Everyone likes to get something for nothing. Right? That's why there's Visit and find out where FREE STUFF reigns supreme. You can find lists and lists of places offering everything from A to Z and you try them for FREE! You can also sign up for paid surveys, enter contests, download coupons, and get paid to go shopping. free stuff

Managing the Family Business   Tucson, AZ
We offer assistance in the following areas: Preservation of Marriage and Profitable Business Interests - Resolution of Sibling Disputes - Intervention in Internal Disputes Relating to Addiction or Substance Abuse - Planning for Integrating Family Members into the Business - Planning for Succession and Principal Retirement - Family Business Retreats. consulting services to family businesses

Nature's Pet   Fair Lawn, NJ More than 95 percent of US companion animals derive their nutritional needs from a single source: processed pet food. When people think of pet food, many envision whole chickens, choice cuts of beef, fresh grains, and all the nutrition that a dog or cat may ever need -- images that pet food manufacturers promote in their advertisements. What these companies do not reveal is that instead of whole chickens they have substituted chicken heads, feet, and intestines. Those choice cuts of beef are really cow brains, tongues, esophagi, fetal tissue dangerously high in hormones, and possibly diseased and even cancerous meat. Those whole grains have had the starch removed for corn starch powder and the oil extracted for corn oil, or they are hulls and other remnants from the milling process. Grains used that are truly whole have usually been deemed unfit for human consumption because of mold, contaminants, poor quality, or poor handling practices. Pet food is one of the world's most synthetic edible products, containing virtually no whole ingredients. pet food and supplements

Net Profit Now   Tucson, AZ
Log files contain valuable information to improve your site. You can see exactly where visitors come from, what direction in your site they take, and what decisions they are making. This is a marketer's dream! Log files are interpreted through logfile analysis software which condenses the raw logfile data into understandable weekly reports. Stats software allows you to see, at a glance, how many people visit your site, which sites or search engines they come from, how long they stay, which pages they visit most, from which pages they leave the site, even what keywords they used to find you on the search engines and much more. To take full advantage of statistics, it is sometimes helpful to consult with an experienced person who can interpret the results and suggest improvements for your site. Remember, the keys are: Make use of your website's log files. Use a host with good stats software. Get someone to interpret those numbers for you. search engine optimization   West Chester, PA
William Retallick's primary research as a chemical engineer has always focused on catalytic combustion. He's spent 40 years in the field. Recently he joined with other professionals to create Catacel Corp., which will manufacture specialty honeycomb catalyst converters. The metal foil is coated with catalyst on just one side; when the foil is folded back and forth upon itself, catalyzed channels alternate with uncatalyzed channels. Only the fuel that goes through the catalyzed is burned in the combustor. Catalytic combustion is completed downstream of the combustor. The window of time and temperature that makes thermal NOx is avoided so that NOx production is reduced. catalytic combustion

Sloan Foundation Science Masters   Tucson, AZ
The Science Master's is a Professional M.S. degree in science or mathematics for students interested in a wider variety of career options than provided by current graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics. Open to bachelor's degree holders in the sciences, mathematics, or engineering, the new self-contained Professional M.S. degree programs prepare students for work in fields such as consulting, banking, insurance, research management and technology transfer. The New York-based Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has helped launch new M.S. degrees at 17 American universities with strong graduate programs in the sciences and mathematics. These programs consist of two years of training in an emerging or interdisciplinary area. Many include internships and cross-training in business and communications. master's degree program

The New Dawn Center of Costa Rica   San Isidro de Costa Rica
Tropical Medicinal Plants for Natural Health Care Therapies. Learn to use little-known tropical rain forest botanicals with world-famous natural health care therapies. Course includes Tropical Medicinal Botany (identification, collection, cultivation, preparation) - Naturopathy (healing with nature) - Massage Therapy (comprehensive skills of clinical massage & accupressure) - Holistic Health Care. spanish classes in a tropical setting

University House   Dallas, TX
University House is all about the student and how the student lives. With a total focus on student apartment communities, University House offers affordable apartments on or near campus. The student oriented communities offer a variety of amenities, many of which exceed those offered by the typical student dormitories and encompass the high tech needs for today's students. student oriented community

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