KarmaCom, Inc.   Brooklyn, NY
Public Relations: Our expertise in real and cyber marketing public relations includes everything from placing national and international features across all media to creating and running large contests and cross marketing promotions, planning and executing industry and public events, trade show representation, ghost writing, satellite media tours, video news releases etc. Our most basic online PR package consists of: *Working to develop a newsworthy topic for public relations to trade media *Addressing trade media not only in your industry but also in the industries you serve via direct e-mail, Business Wire and the Internet News Bureau *Personal follow up to editors to enhance placement. public relations

Affordable Graphics   Las Vegas, NV
Affordable Graphics for retail displays, trade show displays, and exhibits. Sales and rentals of display banners, roll-up banners, tabletop exhibits, posters, pop-up displays, and table top displays for convention centers in Las Vegas, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. Each rollup banner display weighs just under 10 pounds and will fit easily in a corner of your car trunk or van. This leaves plenty of room for the other items you need to take to your show. Call for our deep discount pricing. Plus, we'll produce the graphic/photo for you, so your unit immediately begins to make sales for you. graphics and displays for trade shows

Balfour Walker Photography   Tucson, AZ
Advertising photographer Balfour Walker of Tucson Arizona with 30 years experience in Tuscon as an assignment photographer is available for fashion shoots, environmental photography, industrial photography. Photographic capabilites include 35mm, 2 1/4, 4x5, and panorama film cameras. We can shoot traditional film, flim scanned to digital hybrid, or with digital camera right from the start. Complete strobe and hot light systems add to the production choices. Location or studio, traditional or digital photography. tucson arizona assignment photographer

Billfishing in Costa Rica   Huntingdon Valley, PA
After a hearty buffet breakfast you will be driven to the airport for your 30 minute charter flight to Quepos. You will be met at the Quepos Airport and driven straight to the dock where you will board your 36 ft. sportfisherman for a full day of billfishing on the Pacific. Lunch and beverages are provided on board. After fishing you will be driven to your hotel for a swim and cocktails. billfishing tours to costa rica

Cartelligent   Sausalito, CA
Complete Car Buying Service. One phone call to us and we do the rest! We help you decide on the vehicle which is right for you, locate your new car, negotiate the best price available --- offer the best financing and lease rates, handle your trade in, and give you the facts. The best way to buy or lease your new car - Guaranteed! It is a good idea to first do some research to make sure you know a little about the car you want and the current market conditions for that car. Every car has a different target price in relation to dealer invoice. Some are above and some are below. We have information about every new car and are happy to help you narrow down your decision and since we are working for you, we won't pressure into picking a specific make or model just because it is in stock, like a dealer would do. A Cartelligent representative will spend as much time as necessary working for you to find your car at the best price. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, i.e. found a better price on your own, you will get your money back; no questions asked. auto brokers

Emerge   Cave Creek, AZ
Emerge was formed to meet the growing need for organizational development and human resources consulting in companies creating and managing change in their organizations. Just as companies engage in financial due diligence and legal due diligence to explore merger compatibility or feasibility of any type of internal change such as restructuring, Emerge works with corporate leaders, organizational development professionals and human resources staff to examine the cultural components of businesses. Our systemic approach for evaluating organizational culture and providing long-term solutions, positions Emerge as cutting edge in the industry. We offer a unique new process called Cultural Due Diligence (CDD). This process allows leaders within organizations the ability to: 1.) Analyze their organization's culture, 2.) Develop an action plan for moving forward; and, 3.) Implement the plan and keep it alive. This proprietary four-phase process can be applied in a company by Emerge personnel or by other external or internal consultants who are trained and certified by Emerge. The CDD process and all supporting educational programs and tools for certification have been developed. The process also includes a customized company Internet/Intranet - based Cultural Health Index. cultural due diligence

ExpoServices   Las Vegas, NV
The Tower in the center of this display is a 12 foot tall Box Tower that's formed by using a standard frame at 90 degree angles. This shows the flexibility of the frame. It can be the building block for all kinds of shapes. Just let us know what you need...we'll create it for you. You can also see that the panels appear to be a wood finish. You'll have the choice of many textures, fabric or a full mural, to give your display a unique look. You can have panels that look like marble, granite, wood, metal, etc... the choice is yours. By now you can see that this display gives you the easy set up and light weight of a portable while giving you a unique custom look. Others will think you spent a mint for your custom display...only you'll know how little it cost. The best part... you'll still have money in the bank because your price will be far less than other alternatives. convention setup

Fantasy Football   Duncan, OK is the official website for Fantasy Football. We help our members dominate draft day with customizable cheat sheets, accurate stat projections, updated player news, injury reports, sleepers, snoozers, studs, locker room talk (messageboards; improved for 2003), and (new for 2003) fully functional chat rooms. offical website for fantasy football

AmericaHealth   Tucson, AZ
Do You Really Need Nutritional Supplements? Gotu Kola, since it is eaten by elephants, renowned for their longevity, it became custom in India and Sri Lanka, that for long life one must consume several leaves of the Gotu Kola plant each day. Traditionally Goldenseal was used to cure high blood pressure, fever, ulcers, etc. It was also believed that Gotu Kola plant was a potent aphrodisiac. It is said to decrease complaints from about 80% of varicose vein patients. Gotu Kola as a supplement may produce benefits as an anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring agent (topically applied), anti-stress, circulation and varicose veins. The statements which appear on the web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information on this web site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Although every effort has been made to ensure that information found on this web site is accurate, please note that some information may be outdated by more recent scientific developments. The information presented on the web site is meant as an educational starting point only, not as a substitute for personal consultation with a qualified healthcare professional. vitamin and supplements information

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