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Rollin is the author of six books, including First You Cry, a moving story - the first of its kind - about her breast cancer and mastectomy. Published in 1976 and recently re-published in honor of the author's 25th "cancer anniversary", it received wide critical acclaim and was made into a television movie starring Mary Tyler Moore as Ms. Rollin. Her best-seller Last Wish, published in 1985 and republished in 1998 deals with the suicide of her terminally-ill mother. One critic called it "a document of personal compassion and public importance." The book has been published in 18 foreign countries and was made into a TV movie, which aired on ABC in 1992, starring Patty Duke and Maureen Stapleton. books and lectures by Betty Rollin

Body Bridge   Tucson, AZ
Arching the back reduces stress. Some studies have even suggested that this effect can reduce stress on the lower back by 50%. In the process it provides mild, passive exercise of the ligaments, tendons and musculature that surround the abdominal cavity. As a result it permits a better supply of blood to flow to all parts of the body, by utilizing the pull of gravity in different directions from those we experience in a normal upright position. The arched position places beneficial pressure on the lower back that tends to separate the vertebrae, freeing up the nerve channels that flow from the spine to help restore the blood supply to connective tissue and the organs. Arching also induces a spreading or fanning of the rib cage to produce more vital functioning of these organs. Finally, the backwards arch places gentle tension on the front part of the body, which can be highly beneficial in cases of constipation and other intestinal complaints. products to relieve back pain

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CD Storage Racks offers the largest selection CD racks, DVD racks, multi-media racks and cassette racks in many sizes and styles for all your multi-media storage and organization needs. We offer our customers stylish yet practical products and sometimes hard to find useful items. We have many styles and types of CD racks including wood, steel and high capacity racks. Some examples of what we offer include the Guitar CD Tower. This 50 inch high CD tower is perfect for the music enthusiast, or for anyone who might enjoy this refreshing and unique design. Holds 60 CDs. Made from matte black heavy gauge steel. Can be wall-mounted or leave free-standing. And also the Corner CD Tower. This CD tower holds 320 CDs, 80 video cassettes, 160 DVDs, and 208 audio cassettes. Conveniently fits into the corner to maximize storage space. Constructed of laminated compressed particle board. We also offer the Corner Entertainment Stand which accommodates most 36 inch TV's. Quick and easy assembly with twist lock fasteners. Stand has 1 adjustable shelf with vertical racks that hold 54 CDs. Comes with a 5 year warranty. Browse our web site to see all that we have to offer. We have many more CD racks to choose from. cd and dvd storage racks

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Digiboy.com is your online stock photo source with a Southwestern flair. Browse our collection of 25 years of award winning Arizona photography by Balfour Walker and Chris Mooney. Tucson stock photography, sunset photos, cowboy photos, Southwest stock photography in general. arizona/southwestern stock photography

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Are you looking for a way to raise the height of your bed? We offer bed risers that raise the height of your bed by 12 inches and create lots of under-bed storage space. Six legs work on all sizes of beds with angle iron frames. (kings with 2 frames will require extra legs.) This is one of the best solutions if you have limited storage space and with under-bed boxes, your storage is dust free. We also offer under the bed boxes, chest and drawers. One of our favorites is the Underbed Storage Box with Wheels. Durable, clear storage boxes with heavy duty snap down buckles to secure lids. Perfect for off-season clothing shoes, linens and holiday decorations. The underbed chest is constructed of durable heavy guage vinyl. The top panel opens for easy access. Many more to choose from on our website. We offer more than 1,000 product items including storage, closet systems, closet storage, closet organizers, desks, desk organizers, kitchen storage, hampers, cd racks, bath storage, lamps, automobile organizers, coat hooks, paper towel holders, office organizers, file carts, computer stands, lazy susans, laundry sorters, laundry bags, cap racks, desk chairs and more. household furnishings

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Jewelry for Mother offers a unique and exceptional collection of finely crafted family jewelry for those special people in your life. Enjoy your shopping experience at jewelryformother.com, where excellence is a tradition. The newest addition to our family is birthstone baby shoes, finely crafted in Sterling Silver or 14k Yellow Gold and designed to display a large 6 mm. synthetic birthstone and be worn as a pendant or on a charm bracelet. birthstone baby shoes

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