Dr. Marshall Northington's Managing the Family Business

employing children in a family business

Employing children in a family business requires some important planning.

My daughter comes in late to work about two or three times a week. Her excuse is that she has children to get ready for school. I know some of the other women in the office face the same situation and they get to work on time. I'm really frustrated and I really can't fire her. What can I do?

Structuring a job description and assigning someone other than family to provide supervision is essential. How this is organized and presented is crucial to successfully bringing family members into the business. Family Business Retreats are one of the best ways to help family members gain perspective about the family business. It is an excellent opportunity to air and resolve unique issues affecting all family members, not just those involved in the business. In a retreat, all family members will be able to focus immediate concerns, plan future business events, and exchange a reconnection with other family members.

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