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Family Business Management guides clients in all stages of family business operations, from making the decision to start a business to planning for retirement. Family Business Management can make a difference in the way your family does business.

Family-owned businesses have rules all their own. They encounter difficulties any other enterprise faces, as well as adjust to relationship issues related to working together day in and day out.

Family-owned businesses are unique. Complex issues are inherent in each. Building a profitable business while maintaining a successful marriage can be precarious at best. Integrating adult children into key company positions can be a source of optimism and success or it can lead to disaster.

Bringing non-family members into a growing business can be a source of strength or be a move to sabotage it. Conducting the day-to-day activities can be productive and profitable. They can create a serious crisis when it's time for retirement and succession planning.

Recognizing the need for outside assistance often comes only after the marriage is in trouble, the adult children estranged and the business dissolved as the principals go their separate ways.

Family Business Management's founder, Dr. Marshall W. Northington, has written a book that addresses the unique problems of family-owned businesses. Managing the Family Business: A Guide for Success covers:

  • Preserving a Marriage and Profitable Business Interests
  • Resolution of Conflicts among the Children in the Business
  • Intervening in Internal Disputes Relating to Addiction or Substance Abuse
  • Planning for Integrating Family Members into the Business
  • Planning for Succession and Principal Retirement
  • Family Business Retreats
  • Communication, Cooperation and Control in a Family Business

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Northington will personally answer all questions relating to family business management issues. He will not answer questions relating to complex analytical mental health questions or medical questions.

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